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  1. Stay Motivated: Couch Potato Alan Lost 60 lbs, Became a Triathlete

    By dropping 60 pounds* and toning up, Alan L. went from out-of-shape couch potato to competitive triathlon and marathon participant.

    And he knows just who deserves a lot of the credit for his amazing health turnaround.

    "Diet-to-Go has changed my life!" Alan raves.

    "This diet - combined with two hours of exercise a day for 5 days a week - completely changed my life. It was a great effort which has paid off in great ways!"

    If you gauge success by running 26 miles at a time or by competing in multi-event competitions where you run, bike and swim long distances, then YES... Alan has come a long way, baby!

    "The Diet-to-Go plan is great because it's all about changing your eating habits to where you start enjoying food in proper quantities," he notes.

    "What I enjoyed the most about this diet is that I was eating everything I like - just in smaller portions!"

    The 24-year-old Floridian weighed 240 when he began the meal plan that would change his life forever.

    "I turned to Diet-to-Go because it seemed well-priced and got good reviews online," says Alan, who stands 5'10" and now weighs 180 pounds. "Once I tried it, I knew I liked the food and portion sizes... plus there is lots of variety!"

    Alan, who is following the Diet-to-Go low-fat plan, says his favorite meals are the Lobster Ravioli, muffins for breakfast, and the Red Snapper with Polenta.

    But more importantly, Alan loves the way he now looks and feels.

    "I feel and look so much better and I am definitely more energetic," he tells Diet-to-Go. "My new look and feel made it possible for me to get into sports, triathlons and marathons."*

    "I love going to the beach and feeling more comfortable with my body and not being ashamed of taking my shirt off.

    "People look at you differently and treat you differently when you are in great shape! I feel more confident when I go out and interact with people."

    So what triggered Alan's transformation from soft and sedentary to lean and athletic?

    "I realized I was 23 years old, very unhealthy, and unmotivated to go out and work out - I needed a change," he says.

    "I thought about it this way: I am going to go through a sacrifice for a defined period of time which will totally change my life afterwards. The sacrifice was serious and included not going out clubbing and drinking at all, and depriving myself from many social activities like going to lunches and dinners with friends.

    "I only ate the Diet-to-Go food... there were no exceptions."

    Seven months later, Alan was reborn and ready to push his slimmed-down physique* to new heights.

    "Thanks to Diet-to-Go, I've changed my eating habits and eat healthier now," he says. "Not only that, but I think portion control is very important, so I eat less food now."

    Alan's advice for other people with a lot of weight to lose:

    "You have to be convinced you want to lose the weight first, then take it seriously, no exceptions can be made. Being overweight is not only unhealthy, but it also changes your life and social interactions in many ways."

    Alan blames his last job for many of his weight issues. He was a consultant who had to travel often.

    "I was on the road four days a week, and I was eating out in restaurants three meals a day," he recalls. "I didn't have time to work out and we all need a good work-life balance."

    While he's sweet on Diet-to-Go, Alan does admit to having the occasional craving for sweets. When that happens, he simply gives in and eats what he craves... but only in small portions.
    It's that type of healthy behavior that keeps Alan on track with his beloved marathons and triathlons.

    Here at Diet-to-Go, we hope Alan's run towards better health lasts a lifetime... a long and happy lifetime!

    Author: John McGran

    * Weight loss results may vary. Results not guaranteed.

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